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Dear Gymnastic Friends!

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee and Ginásio Clube Português it is with great pleasure I welcome you to the second edition of the Lisbon International Acrobatic Gymnastics – LIAG International CUP.

Lisbon is welcoming with great honor the best gymnasts from Acrobatic Gymnastics Clubs around the world for such a meaningful event.

Our Country has gathered great experience skills in hosting major international events, and it is with no doubt that I say Lisbon will meet, if not exceed, the expectations of all the participants and guests of the this Acrobatic Gymnastics Cup.

The Venue of the LIAG International CUP 2016 will be the Casal Vistoso Sports Hall which is one of the main Halls in the city.

It is located in the Lisbon Oriental area between the City Centre and Lisbon International Airport and it stands less than 10 minutes away from both places.

Lisbon has attractions and sights to suit every taste and interest – and most of them are within walking distance, being some of the most famous attractions in the city you can find the largest European Oceanarium, the Lisbon Casino and one of largest shopping areas.

But Lisbon has a lot more to offer. With a history that dates back to three hundred thousand years ago, it emerged as a nation in the early 12th century and Lisbon was ranked as one of the world's longest founded cities full of historic landmarks, great buildings and interesting sights and museums. The local gastronomy is among the world’s most distinguished and innovative cuisines and is based on the Mediterranean kitchen in a friendly atmosphere.

I assure you that we will do everything we can to make Lisbon a hospitable home for all the participants in the LIAG International CUP 2016, where you can not only test your pairs and groups on an international event, but also interact with like-minded people and make new friends.

I look forward to seeing you in Lisbon in July.

Manuel Cavaleiro de Ferreira

President of Ginásio Clube Português
Chairperson of LIAG International CUP 2016


Mr. FERREIRA, Manuel Chairperson
Mr. FERNANDES, Ramiro Event Manager
Ms. LAVADO, Alexandra Finances
Mr. SANTOS, Vasco Event Executive Manager
Mr. CALHEIROS, Luís Office Manager & Logistics
Ms. ZACARIAS, Ana Competition Director and Training
To be announced Judges’ Director
To be announced Appeal Judges’ President
Ms. CRUZ, Josefina Protocol and Ceremonies
Mr. MONGE, João Press/Media Officer and Marketing
Mr. LISBOA, Pedro Informatic Resourses
Mr. SOARES, Sérgio Webmaster
Mr. FRAGOSO, João AV’s & IT’s
Mr. AFONSO, Ricardo Designer
Mr. MATEUS, Sérgio Scoring
Clube de Saúde Physiotherapy & Medical
Appointed by the Municipality Safety & Security
Appointed by the Municipality Venue


Saturday – 2nd of July
10h00 – 12h00 Qualifications
15h00 – 20h00 Qualifications

Sunday – 3rd of July
11h00 – 12h30 Finals
15h00 – 16h00 Finals
17h30 – 18h30 Finals
18h30 Award Ceremony

For detailed programme please consult Workplan


Available soon


Competition Program

Qualifications and Finals in all five categories.

Qualifications (Youth): 1 Combined Exercise
(the difficulty is calculated as in FIG - Age Groups 11-16). – 2’00’’ maximum duration.

Qualifications (Age Groups 1 and 2 / Junior / Senior): 1 Balance Exercise + 1 Dynamic Exercise.

General Rules:

Pairs: choose 2 elements of the Balance Group from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional element from the FIG tables and 2 Dynamic elements from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional element from the FIG tables.

Groups: choose 1 pyramid from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional pyramid from the FIG tables (only 2 statics of 3" are necessary in the routine) and 2 Dynamic elements from the table of difficulty 11-16, + 1 optional element from the FIG tables; the optional pyramid maybe selected from one of the same categories used in the compulsory elements.

Individuals: 2 cat. 1 + 2 cat. 2 individual elements must be performed (it is not compulsory to perform a somersault).

Finals: The top six, eight or twelve of the qualifications, depending on the number of pairs / category groups (from 1 to 8 P/G - 6 finalists, from 9 to 16 P/G - 8 finalists; plus 16 P/G - 12 finalists).

Youth - Combined
(sum of the two combined exercises, qualification + Final, defines the winner).

Age Group 1, Age Groups - Balance or Dynamic according to FIG rules 11-16
(sum of the qualifications + finals).

Age Group 2, Junior and Senior - Combined
(Sum of the Balance + Dynamic + Combined, defines the winner).

Technical Standards

All of the following FIG rules, valid in 2016:

Code of Points (2013-2017)
AWAG Rules (latest version)
FIG Newsletters
Aparatus Norms - FIG Norms

Delegations Size

Each Delegation may include:

1 Director
1 Head of Delegation
5 Coaches
Pairs/Groups – Unlimited Number
1 Doctor
1 Physiotherapist
1 Judge

Note: It is compulsory that each Delegation has at least 1 Judge - 250 € will be charged if the delegation does not present any Judge


Available soon


All clubs/ teams should register via e-mail.

It is not possible to register during the event.

For greater efficiency and expedience, e-mail registration is highly recommended.

The organisation reserves the right to alter the venue if necessary.

Major Force Events: If the event is cancelled the organisers shall not be responsible for airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by the participants. Insurance on this matter is recommended.


After the LOC has received your registration, it will acknowledge its receipt and assign you a "Delegation Registration Number" (DRN) which is important for identification of your Delegation.

Your registration will then be processed and confirmation sent back to you as soon as your payment is confirmed.


Registration Forms - click below.

Visa request: Click Here until 18th of March 2016
Provisional Entry: Click Here until 20th of March 2016
Definitive Entry: Click Here until 16th of May 2016
Nominative entry: Click Here until 1st of June 2016
Travel details: Click Here until 1st of June 2016
Accommodation: Click Here until 1st of June 2016
Farewell Dinner Party: Click Here
Team Ranking: Click Here until 1st of June 2016


10 (ten) euros per gymnast.

Note: All Delegations must have at least one Judge. Otherwise the Delegation will be charged a 250 € fine.


Competition Fee’s

A 50% pre-payment (€) must be made by the Clubs/teams to the Organizing Committee by, 16th of May 2016. (Definitive entry)

The remaining payment of 50% must be made by the Clubs/teams to the Organizing Committee by, 1st of June 2016. (Nominative entry)

Other necessary payments must be made upon arrival at the LOC Office.
No payment = no accreditation for competition.

Accommodation and Meals:

A 50% pre-payment (€) must be made by the Clubs/teams to the Organizing Committee by, 16th of May 2016. (Definitive entry)

The remaining payment of 50% must be made by the Clubs/teams to the Organizing Committee by, 1st of June 2016. (Nominative entry)

No payment = no hotel reservation.

  • All payments must be processed in Euros.
  • All expenses in connection with transferring must be paid by the participant Club.
  • Please bring registration confirmation to the event and present it at the Accreditation Office counter. This will shorten waiting time and allow the process to move more efficiently.

Bank Transfer

Beneficiary: Ginásio Clube Português

Adress: Praça do Ginásio Clube Português, nº 1, 1250-111 Lisboa
VAT Number: 500127174

Bank Name: Banco Português de Investimento
Address: Rua Artilharia Um, n.º 51, 1250-038 Lisboa
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 2660 2950 0025 3
NIB: 0010 0000 26602950002 53


A number of rooms have been reserved for LIAG International CUP 2016 in one hotel close to the venue. We must stress that as we are not a travel agency all our hotel selection is based on objective analysis of the properties and on a quality-cost basis.

The hotel chosen is of a very high standard at excellent discounted rates.

Prices are in Euro (€) and include VAT and full board accommodation (except where otherwise specified). All rooms have private bath or shower.

To ensure that you get your preferred accommodation, we advise you to book your room(s) as soon as possible.


Av. Eng. Arantes e Oliveira, 9, Areeiro, 1900-221 Lisbon
Website: Click Here

Rates per Night/ Person (Full Board Accommodation)

Classic Single Room: 90,00€
Classic Double or Twin Room: 75,00€
Triple room: 65,00€


Breakfast: At the hotel accommodation.
Lunch/Dinner: will be served at the Hotel or at Competition Venue.

All reservations will be made on the basis of “first come, first served”, according to the available number of rooms in each hotel.

Other options are also available on request.

Hotel Description

Rooms are fitted with a flat-screen TV. All rooms are fitted with a private bathroom. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and a hair dryer.

Featuring free WiFi and a restaurant, Altis Park Hotel offers a pet-friendly accommodation in Lisbon. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Private parking is available on site. There is a gift shop at the property.

The nearest airport is the Lisbon International Airport, 3 km from Altis Park Hotel. Downtown is 2.8 km from Altis Park Hotel. The nearest subway station is located just about 50 meters from the hotel lobby.

Info official hotel: Click here


Pavilhão Desportivo do Complexo Desportivo Municipal Casal Vistoso

Our sports centre is located at the heart of Lisbon. Just a 10 minutes walking distance from the Official Hotel and Subway which makes this the perfect place for the Teamgym International Open for Clubs.

It is also one of the premier sporting venues in the Lisbon area and has hosted several major sporting events.

The competition area is 45 meters long, 30 meters wide and 15 meters high, with a top-quality maple strip sprung floor. This hall is overlooked by spectator area on the first floor. It has a seating capacity of 1,300.

The facility complies with national and international competition standards for several sports, including, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics, among others. A secondary hall and a swimming pool also make this venue a perfect one for receiving a wide range of competitions and sports

Rua João da Silva 1900 - 271
Tel.: 218 170 107
Fax: +351 218 171 344



Spread out across a flurry of hills on the banks of the River Tagus, Lisbon is a city whose lifeblood has always been its wide river and the access to the Atlantic Ocean that it so readily provides. The city grew rich during the Age of the Discoveries in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when intrepid Portuguese explorers set off down the Tagus and out on to the open ocean on their epic voyages to Africa, the Far East and Americas.

Lisbon is a capital that very much wears its history on its sleeve with traces of the Phoenicians, Celts, Romans, and Visigoths and Moors all rumbling below the surface of a city that owes much of its current appearance to an eighteenth and nineteenth century makeover following an earthquake in 1755. The area follows a quadrangular plan and is called “Baixa”. On its streets graceful eighteenth century buildings complement rambling old districts like the Alfama and the Bairro Alto, while ornate Manueline styles provide a sharp contrast to the glass and steel modernity of the city’s newer developments.

Lisbon today is a thoroughly modern metropolis as it demonstrated when it held the title of European City of Culture in 1994 and then staged the highly successful World Expo in 1998, an event that brought a revamped underground system, a new bridge across the Tagus (Vasco da Gama) and the rebirth of the waterfront area at the Park of Nations Expo site. In 2004 this dynamic city also hosted many of the European Championship football matches, including the final.

Today Lisbon is not only at the heart of Portugal, but it also plays a central role as a gateway between North America and Europe. From the airport to the city centre off-peak takes only around 15 minutes. More direct airline routes than ever before, a high speed train link to Oporto and motorways to the north and to the Algarve mean that the Portuguese capital has never been better connected. These first-rate transport links have helped firmly cement its position as one of the world’s premier destinations. Lisbon is clearly a business hub on the move.


Any questions about registration, accommodations and any other questions related to event should be sent to liag@gcp.pt

The official languages of the event are Portuguese and English.

Climate and Clothing
Portugal has a mild climate without extremes of temperature. Winters are never too cold and summers are always moderately hot. Lisbon climate is strongly influenced by the Gulf Stream and is one of the warmest European capitals. Spring and summer months are usually sunny.

Average temperatures per month

Source: http://www.holiday-weather.com/lisbon/averages/

Currency and Banking
The unit of currency is the Euro (€).
Some banks have automatic exchange machines. Reception in most hotels will change money and they are entitled to charge a small extra amount to cover fluctuation exchange rates.
Traveller cheques and Eurocheques are accepted by all Portuguese banks and exchange bureaus. Visa, Amex, Eurocard, Diner Club and Master Card are the most useful credit cards.

Passport and Visa Information
No visa requirements for EU passport holders. All non-EU citizens should contact their local embassies for specific requirements.

Official Invitation
An official letter designed to assist in meeting administrative requirements in some countries (VISA), will be sent to any participant upon request. However, this invitation implies no obligation, financial or otherwise, by the Local Organising Committee.

For more information: liag@gcp.pt

Smoking Ban
With effect from 1 January 2008, smoking is forbidden in almost all indoor public places, with the exception of some restaurants and bars that can designate 30 percent of their space for smokers if they are larger than 100 square metres.
Smoking will not be permitted indoors in the meeting area.
Non-compliance with this ban can lead to prosecution and a fine of up to 1.000,00 €uros.

Electricity The current is 220 volts AC, with a continental round pin plug.

Emergency Phone Numbers
For Police and Ambulance emergency dial 112.

Time Zone
GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Opening Hours
Banks: Are open from 08:30 a.m. to 03:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, closing on public holidays.
Shops: From 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. and 03:00 p.m. to 07:00 p.m. (working days). On Saturdays most shops close at 01:00 p.m., even though there are some open in the afternoon.
Shopping Centres: are open from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. or midnight, every day of the week.


Lisboa is easy to get to. It is a short flight away from most European cities, and is just as easily accessible by road, railway or sea.

By air
Lisboa International Airport, 7 km from the city centre, has daily flights to and from the major cities in Europe and the world.

Flight times to Lisbon from some European Cities
City Time of flight City Time of flight City Time of flight
Amsterdam 2h50 Kiev 4h50 Prague 2h25
Brussels 2h40 London 2h50 Rome 2h45
Barcelona 1h45 Luxembourg 2h40 Sofia 4h20
Budapest 3h50 Madrid 1h05 Stockholm 4h15
Copenhagen 3h30 Milan 2h30 Stuttgart 2h50
Dublin 2h40 Moscow 5h25 Vienna 3h20
Frankfurt 2h55 Munich 3h05 Warsaw 4h00
Geneva 2h25 Oslo 3h55 Zurich 2h40
Istambul 4h25 Paris 2h20
Several popular airlines fly into Lisboa Airport
See all airlines

Flight stats for Lisbon, Portugal
  • Right now, 71 airlines operate out of Lisboa Airport.
  • Lisboa Airport offers nonstop flights to 121 cities.
  • Every week, at least 728 domestic flights and 3,451 international flights depart from Lisboa Airport.

By rail
Scores of national and international trains arrive in Lisboa every day. In addition to Santa Apolónia terminal station, the city now has the new Gare do Oriente, which opened in 1998 adjacent to the Parque das Nações. Both stations have direct bus or underground connections to the city centre.

By sea
The Port of Lisboa is the busiest port on the European Atlantic coast. It has three terminals for cruise ships: the Alcântara, Rocha de Conde d’Óbidos and the Santa Apolónia terminals. Lisboa is often a port of call for many cruise ships (coming from many different places). Furthermore, the city also has marinas for pleasure boats in the docks of Belém, Santo Amaro, Bom Sucesso. Alcântara and, most recently, the Olivais Docks.

By road
Arriving in Lisboa by road is a pleasant experience, as the visitor can enjoy the beautiful countryside along the way. The city has good road accesses and the most frequently used routes are: the A1 highway (E90) entering from the north or A2/ A6.


Carris has the exclusive rights as the above ground mass public transport operator in Lisbon.
The network is made up of 88 routes:
  • 8 late night / early morning (from 11.45 p.m. to 5.30 a.m.)
  • The network covers more or less 600 kms in the city of Lisbon.
  • Buses from the airport to the town centre are n.º 5, 8, 22, 44, 45, 83.

The tram network is made up of 5 routes, 3 funiculars (Glória, Bica and Lavra) and 1 lift (Santa Justa).
The tram network covers 48kms in the city of Lisbon.
The most touristic route is served by the number 28.

Linking the Airport to downtown Lisboa and Cais do Sodré (every 20 minutes from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

Subway (Metro)
The Lisbon underground www.metrolisboa.pt has four major routes:
  • Linha Azul (blue line)
  • Linha Amarela (yellow line)
  • Linha Vermelha (red line) – VENUE; HOTEL and AIRPORT LANE
  • Linha Verde (green line)

Network operation
The opening and closing time of the Metropolitano de Lisboa stations is the following:
  • Opens: 06:30.
    The first train leaves at 06:30 from the terminal stations of each line.
  • Closes: 01:00
    The last train leaves at 01:00 from the terminal stations of each line

Available right outside the Hotel.


LOC President: CAVALEIRO, Manuel

Event Manager: FERNANDES, Ramiro

Executive Event Manager: SANTOS, Vasco

Office Manager: CALHEIROS, Luís
(registration, accommodation, transports, meals)

Praça Ginásio Clube Português, n.º 1
1250 - 111 Lisboa | Portugal

T.: (+351) 213 841 580
F.: (+351) 213 841 589

E-mail: liag@gcp.pt

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/liag.portugal


General Information
Sponsorship opportunities are available at various levels, including a limited number of Major Sponsor opportunities. Major Sponsors will be offered the highest profile at the event. Please contact the event secretariat to discuss how your organization can benefit from sponsoring the Lisbon International Acrobatic Gymnastics – LIAG International CUP.

Sponsorship with Exhibition Area
At your request the event secretariat will provide a copy of the call for sponsors. There are a variety of sponsorship categories available. For each category there are a limited number of sponsors, so we encourage you to complete your application earlier so we may guarantee your preference.

Sponsorship Kit
There are many possibilities to raise your company profile before, during and after the Lisbon International Acrobatic Gymnastics – LIAG International CUP.

For detailed information on all sponsorship categories and opportunities, as well as any other enquiry, please request the sponsorship kit from the event secretariat using the following contacts: Sponsorship & Exhibition: MONGE, João

  • Email: joaomonge@gcp.pt
  • Telephone: (+351) 213 841 580
  • Fax: (+351) 213 841 589



O Ginásio Clube Português como Clube de referência nacional na Ginástica e tendo em conta o trabalho desenvolvido nos últimos anos ao nível da Ginástica Acrobática, vai organizar a IIª Edição do LIAG - Torneio Internacional de Ginástica Acrobática de Lisboa - com o apoio da Câmara Municipal de Lisboa e da Federação de Ginástica de Portugal.

A competição terá lugar no Complexo Desportivo do Casal Vistoso, em Lisboa, de 1 a 3 de Julho de 2016.

Esta Competição é aberta a todos os Clubes e Ginastas filiados na FGP.

Esperamos poder contar com a vossa participação neste segunda edição do evento e celebrar em conjunto a modalidade da Ginástica Acrobática.

Diretrizes | Versão 1 - Clique aqui
Workplan | Versão 1 - Disponível brevemente

Inscrição Provisória: Clicar aqui até 20 de Março 2016
Inscrição Definitiva: Clicar aqui até 16 de Maio 2016
Inscrição Nominativa: Clicar aqui até 1 de Junho 2016
Reserva Alojamentos: Clicar aqui até 1 de Junho 2016
Refeições e Festa / Jantar Convívio: Clicar aqui
Ranking Equipa: Clicar aqui até 1 de Junho 2016

Nota: Os participantes de clubes portugueses têm de efectuar a sua inscrição através da comissão organizadora do evento e através da plataforma da FGP GYMBASE. A data de limite de inscrição na plataforma GYMBASE é coincidente com a data da inscrição nominativa.


Qualificativas e finais em todas as cinco categorias.

Qualificativas (Jovem): 1 exercício Combinado (Dificuldade calculada de acordo com o regulamento específico de Age Group da FIG para Grupo por Idades 11-16). – 2’00’’ de duração máxima.

Qualificativas (Faixa Etária dos Grupos por Idades 1 e 2 / Júnior / Sénior): 1 exercício de Equilíbrio + 1 exercício de Dinâmico.

Regras Gerais (consulte o documento com as diretivas)


Valor da Taxa: 10 (dez) euros por ginasta.


- 1 Chefe de Delegação
- 5 Treinadores
- Pares/ Grupos – Número Ilimitado
- 1 Médico
- 1 Fisioterapeuta
- 1 Juiz (Mínimo Obrigatório)
- Nota: (250 € de multa se não apresentar nenhum Juíz)


Inscrições Definitivas: 16 de Maio de 2016
(50% Valor do Pacote de Alojamento + Taxa de Inscrição).

Inscrições Nominativas: 1 de Junho 2016
(Restante pagamento por transferência bancária até esta data.)


Beneficiário: Ginásio Clube Português

Morada: Praça do Ginásio Clube Português, nº 1, 1250-111 Lisboa
Número fiscal: 500127174

Nome do banco: Banco Português de Investimento
Morada: Rua Artilharia Um, n.º 51, 1250-038 Lisboa
IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 2660 2950 0025 3
NIB: 0010 0000 26602950002 53